Camera Match

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LESSON #Perspective Match

  • Video – 13:18 min
  • Max files to download
  • Setting up the viewport background
  • Adjusting the render output
  • Manipulating the perspective match axis
  • Applying the Vray physical camera parameters

This is the image you’ll be able to create at the end of this lesson:





Without the correct tools and workflow, creating a camera to seamlessly composite 3d elements into a photograph can be a challenging task.

Watch the next video to learn more about setting up a Vray physical camera using the Perspective Match tool within 3DS Max.


  • Insure image proportions are correct within render output settings to match the bitmap
  • Taking real world scale into account, create a reference object for initial scene setup
  • Check the FOV option when applying the vray physical camera
  • Create basic scene objects as props for appropriate lighting and shadows


Here you can put aside as text/images (just if you need) some topic or some example that you didn’t show during the video


Download these file to verify the camera match:

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