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All contents for this Interactive Course:

Relevant topics covered:

  • 3 lessons designed by a V-Ray Licensed Instructor®
  • 60 mins narrated HD Videos
  • MAX FILES to download with all V-Ray Settings
  • MAX FILES to practise / exercises
  • How to frame in studio;
  • How to save time during the lighting set up;
  • Give a form using the light;
  • Butterfly bank light usage;
  • Black flags usage;
  • How to balance in a dark ambient
  • Uniform surface properties;
  • Mapping reflections and glossy;
  • Procedure to control complex mapping;
  • How to save in a library;
  • Subdivs in 5SRW;
  • How to light dark materials;
  • Light balance and Light reflections;
  • Quick proxy objects;
  • How to use render elements;
  • VRay Reflections;
  • VRay Raw Reflections;
  • VRay Wire Color.

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