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Topics Covered

  • Learn how to balance lights in V-Ray
  • Setup V-Ray Physical Camera
  • Light Hierarchy
  • Combine V-Ray Sun + V-Ray Light + Spot lights
  • How to use V-Ray Real Time
  • Modify V-Ray Sun shadows
  • Create a chromatic contrast
  • Simulate curtain and carpets
  • How to use VRay2Sided material
  • Fall off for opacity
  • How to use Hair and Fur modifier
  • Comb your carpet with “guides”
  • Final render with FINAL-preset
  • Use V-Ray Frame buffer to correct the exposure
  • Postproduction technique for overexposures
  • 5 HD videos / 3 Lessons / 175Mb  to download
  • BONUS for Premium members: Shot2 | Max + Psd


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