Dirtying in post production

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LESSON #Advanced Post production

  • VIDEO IN HD / narrated / 18 min
  • MAX FILES to download with all V-Ray settings
  • Find in a few steps the medium gray in our pictures
  • Properly balance the whites
  • Adding and retouching of our textures to increase detail
  • Perform the post-production and corrections

This is the image that will be able to create at the end of this lesson:



Advanced Post production with Photoshop

How many times we have had difficulty to find the medium gray sample, to balance the image?

We’ll see how to find in a few steps, our sample of medium gray and how to add new texture to our final render to greatly enrich details and final result:



  • Always use the tool “Fill” to fill 50% gray image;
  • Gently move the “Threshold” by identifying areas with halftone;
  • Remember to move the channels using RGB output between 130 and 180;
  • Always save your selections created from dall’Element V-Ray Wire Color;
  • Remember to set “Soft Light” as a blending mode;
  • Always use the Dirt Textures looking for the right opacity;
  • Once you have created the basic version of our Render save a copy of putting it aside;
  • Use masks and do not retouch in a  “destructive” way;



Once found the medium gray, we can automatically remove the dominant color, making it absolutely neutral, in this way.

Take the tool “Sample in image to Set gray point” and click on the sample of medium gray examined in the lesson:



Download the file which contains the START, with  the 4 layers. Using also the texture of the downloadable package, improve the image with the techniques explained in this lesson:

Download and check the final version:

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