V-Ray Scenes 3.0

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If you are starting with V-Ray, these 3 scenes will help you!
Actually also intermediate users can benefit to clarify their ideas… 😉

I created three typical situations and I’m going to give you the 3ds Max, complete with all crucial V-Ray settings,  to downoad for free. So you’ll be able to click render and reproduce the same results. These are the 3 sceens:

V-Ray Interior, using V-Ray Sun and portal lights:



V-Ray Exterior, simply using V-Ray Sun and automatic V-Ray Sky:



V-Ray Studio Light, using the IBL technique, with an HDRI through a V-Ray Dome:




These 3 scenes are very simple, but the lighting approach and V-Ray settings are perfect!
In the past I created the same for the old V-Ray 1.5… now it have been upadated to V-Ray 3.0, which has the same settings of V-Ray 2.4!



Why I used V-Ray lights in this way, why portals, why I changed shutter speed, why I used different sources for different situations? If you understand WHY you are able to apply concepts in every scene you have to complete, every one!

That is what we teach in our online course! We study photography and then we use a pure photographic approach to solve every situation! There’s another super important feature in our course: we use a method, 5SRW, to divide every work in 5 easy steps. This allows you to complete your work with an easy and logic workflow.

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You will never feel lost in V-Ray!


Ciro Sannino
Author & Official V-Ray Instructor / 5SRW


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