Graphite modeling tools 02

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LESSON # Graphite tools – part 2

  • Video – 14:02 min
  • Max files to download
  • Graphite modeling selection tools
  • Procedural topology with Generate topology tool
  • Freeform modeling additional workflows

This is the image you’ll be able to create at the end of this lesson:





Graphite modeling tools within 3DS Max has some handy tools that enables us to easily manipulate volumes of a geometries surface when working with complex selections and generating procedural topology as well as sculpting details for organic objects.

Watch the next video to learn more about the workflows for organic modeling.


  • Modifying complex selections
  • Advantage of organic topology as opposed to quad based topology for particle orientation
  • Sculpting details as part of our workflow within 3DS Max


Here you can put aside as text/images (just if you need) some topic or some example that you didn’t show during the video


Download these file repeat and verify the process:

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