Lighting with black panels

Lesson by admin | Official 5SRW study material

LESSON # white and black panels

  • HD VIDEO / narrated, 17 min
  • FILE MAX to download with all V-Ray settings
  • How to handle very bright scenes
  • Take advantage of light bounces
  • How to use the blackout Panels
  • Behavior of reflection panels
  • Apply concepts in interios

This is the image you’ll be able to create after this lesson:



‘Modeling’ with bouncing light

It often happens that we’re so satisfied looking at our light balance. We can go further: using black and white panels we can improve our results, we can improve the tridimensionality  of our image creating new and more exciting light balanced images:


  • Train yourself trying new light balances
  • Use black panels especially in bright scenes
  • Rotate and try to find the best light modeling
  • Reduce bucket size to increse rendering speed tests
  • Take advantage of the History function in VFB to compare results;


Working comparing tests is a great way to control how our image is improving (or not improving!)

1) In the panel “Render history”, select a render then click on “SET A”:


2) Select another version of the same render, then click on SET B:


3) Two different images will appear, divided by a white line. Drag and drop this line to compare your selected renders, A and B:

Switch Option for SetA-SetB


Download Start_Room and work on light balance, “playing” with black and white panels.

Check file:

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