Modeling ­with Graphite tools 01

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LESSON # Graphite tools – part 1

  • Video – 13:02 min
  • Max files to download
  • Basic cloth simulation
  • Topology refinements with swiftloop and optimize
  • Freeform tools workflow
  • Spline organic surface modeling

This is the image you’ll be able to create at the end of this lesson:





Graphite modeling tools within 3DS Max has some handy tools that enables us to easily manipulate volumes of a geometries surface when working with organic objects like pillows and other organic objects for interiors or exteriors.

Watch the next video to learn more about the workflows for organic modeling.


  • Understanding cloth as a modeling tool
  • Simplifying the process of editing a dense mesh
  • Applying freeform tools is similar to using an airbrush
  • Considering the use of a tablet as opposed to a mouse for organic workflows


Here you can put aside as text/images (just if you need) some topic or some example that you didn’t show during the video


Download these file repeat and verify the process:

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