Pure Training (2/2)

Lesson by admin | Official 5SRW study material


  • HD VIDEO/ Narrated / 20′
  • Download MAX FILES with all the V-Ray settings
  • Creating a diamond material;
  • Vray2sideMtl for curtains;
  • How to use external elements to crate nice shadows.

Materials & Post

As for the lighting, the techniques used to create materials have already been covered in previous tutorials. For example, the floor is the same as in “Delicate Room” and the fabric material and the paint are the same as in “Minimal Exterior”, so you are already familiar with all of these. The only new material is the crystal for the chandelier. Once the materials have been applied we’ll set the final parameters – which you already know – for our final render.


You already know most of this process, so now check out the video:

The scene is really quite simple. The complicated thing is obtaining a good composition using the space, components, lighting and shadows. Although it is very straightforward, this image is very effective because of its simplicity and beauty. So now you have many techniques to use in order to develop a render of this quality 😉


  • Increases maxdepth in refraction area when you have several overlapping elements;
  • Make the white balance, this will help you get a more balanced and harmonic image;
  • Take care that the background has the same perspective as your scene.


Download to try and verify all contents of this lessons:

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