Pure Training (1/2)

Lesson by admin | Official 5SRW study material


  • HD VIDEO/ Narrated / 20′
  • How to manage the white balance;
  • Golden Light effect;
  • Color Balance;

This is the image we’ll get by the end of this tutorial:


Framing & Checking- Step 1

Here we are for the first lesson of “Secrets Revealed”, which uses the 5-Step Render Workflow® method to emulate the work of internationally acclaimed studios and artists.

This first step is framing. We are going to look at how to achieve the same framing as in the reference image – a render created by the studio “Pure”. So for this lesson we aren’t going to think about what we want to see, but instead focus on matching the framing. You’ll notice, in fact, that in this exercise the vertical lines have intentionally been distorted.


Light Balance – Step 2

For this exercise we are going to use some of the techniques used in previous tutorials. In this case the lighting will be similar to that used in the lesson “Minimal Exterior” and we are going to simulate the shadow of the tree in the same way. We’ll also use the technique seen in “The Living” and merge the two techniques in order to simulate the outcome in the reference image.



  • To obtain a “warm” lighting effect, remember to set the white balance to cool tones;
  • Set the focal length to achieve framing similar to the reference image;
  • Start your work with the shutter speed set to 50;
  • Use a vraysun, together with Vraylights as portals;
  • Always use V-Ray’s generic grey material when working on the light balance;
  • Increase the maxdepth of refraction when you have several overlapping refractive components;
  • Don’t worry about the red saturation: we will fix it in step 5.


Downloads are available in the second part of this lesson.

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