Modeling the Chesterfield Sofa

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Today we are launching the PREMIUM section of the

To get things started I am going to show you how to model a beautiful, tufted,
Chesterfield style sofa with capitones.

This type of sofa is perfect for bringing a classic touch into your interiors.

To make a complex model like this one, you need to break down into elements. When you have a basic element, you can multiply them to make a large area.

But how to deal with the curving shape, corners, wrinkles, etc?
Watch the video and find out 😉

You can also download the final .max file below the videos.

Next week we’ll talk about lighting and shading with V-Ray.
Today we start with advanced polygonal modeling:

  • Video pt.1: Modeling the basic elements – 20′
  • Video pt.2: Modeling the back of the sofa – 43′
  • Video pt.3: Modeling the seat cushions – 15′
  • Video pt.4: Modeling the tacks and legs – 13′
  • Video pt.5: Adding more details – 20′
  • Video pt.6: Final Touches – 6′
  • DOWNLOAD the final 3d model

STARTClick Here to get the reference image I used.

Part 1: Modeling the basic elements / double click for full screen


Part 2: Modeling the back of the sofa


Part 3: Modeling the seat cushions


Part 4: Modeling the tacks and legs


Part 5: Adding more details


Part 6: Final Touches.

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