Search & Prepare textures

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  • HD VIDEO / narrated / 8 min
  • MAX FILES to download with all V-Ray settings
  • Set the correct parameters for Render Elements
  • Create ambient occlusion by correctly handling the material V-Ray Dirt
  • Look for the right Textures and prepare them according to our goals
  • Prepare Textures for Photo Editing
  • Multiply and create tiling textures

This lesson is to give you the basis to create this image in the next lesson:



Add Render Elements and search for the right “Dirt Textures” for photoretouch

It is not always necessary to create complex combinations of materials to enhance the decor of a scene; at times, especially in situations where the framing is perpendicular to a wall, we can add dirt textures to the Render in order to increase details. We can enrich our images with a few simple operations.



  • Sets and check the render Elements settings;
  • Pay attention to the settings of the V-Ray Dirt used into the render element V-Ray ExtraTex;
  • Save using the special button Save All Image Channels;
  • Search more accurately textures that will be used later in the Post production;
  • Always check the size and sharpness of a texture;
  • Prepare the Dirt Textures with the tools desaturation curves and contrast;
  • Properly duplicate tiled textures.


Free websites for great textures

5 website to download textures for free:


More 5 websites with great textures (not free):



Download Room – Elements to verify how render elements have beed added to the RGB render:

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