Unwrap workflow 01

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LESSON # Unwrap workflow 01

  • Video – 15:00 min
  • Max files to download
  • Create clusters with various selection and seaming options
  • Understanding projection
  • Applying the appropriate unwrap method
  • Navigate within the UV map editor
  • Edit clusters with various transform tools

This is the image you’ll be able to create at the end of this lesson:





Creating realistic textures for objects in our scenes is as vital as setting up realistic lighting. Accurate or ‘tidy’ texture coordinates determine whether the various maps that we use within our material will compliment the topology, shape and form of the object. It is essential that we become accustomed to the toolset’s that 3DS Max has to offer with regards to unwrapping and not to be hesitant to jump in and get the job done!

Watch the next video to learn more about effortlessly creating uv’s for your models using the ‘power-tools’ available.


  • Break down objects into manageable clusters
  • Treat seams depending on their visibility and how they would appear in real world
  • Differentiate between quick planner map, peel and pelt map (Unwrap workflows lesson 02)
  • Combine the various tools appropriately to get the best results out of the unwrap workflow




If you are working with objects such as pillows, couches or clothing, treat the objects as if they were physically stitched together and visualize each panel separately.


Download these file repeat and verify the process:

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