Unwrap workflow 02

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LESSON # Unwrap workflow 02

  • Video – 18:57 min
  • Download max file
  • Finalizing UV’s for the shoe
  • Tweaking UV’s in the viewport
  • Applying Pelt map for solving complex geometry clusters
  • Tips and tools when manually working with transforms in the UV editor
  • Packing and rendering UV’s
  • Viewport Canvas overview

This is the image you’ll be able to create at the end of this lesson:






Finally we revise additional tools for dealing with complex clusters. Finalizing our UV’s for texturing involves checking that the texture appears accurately on the object and that the seams are tidy. Viewport workflows along with viewport canvas becomes a sure way to iron out the problems with stretching and seaming.

Watch the next video to learn more about rounding of your UV’s.


  • Combination of various tools leads to great results
  • Various textures present different challenges
  • Deal with unwanted seams though viewport canvas


Here you can put aside as text/images (just if you need) some topic or some example that you didn’t show during the video


Download these file repeat and verify the process:

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