V-Ray Blend Material

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Lesson #V-Ray Blend Material

  • HD Video / Narrated / 15 min
  • FILES MAX  with all V-Ray settings
  • V-Ray Blend Material;
  • Use of V-Ray Dirt;
  • How to “age” furniture;
  • How to create peeling wood;

This is the image we’ll get by the end of this tutorial:


Age objects with V-Ray Blend Material
and V-Ray Dirt

How many times does it happened to be fascinated by an old piece of furniture that carries the signs of aging and generations? Personally I think that render is a way to characterize an environment, make it “alive” and expressive. Recreate the bruises and irregularities, especially on the edges and on the parts most subject to everyday use, it’s a great way to give to a piece of furniture a little bit of experience, and why not, a “soul”.



  • Decide how to bring out one or more materials with Blend Amount masks;
  • Remember the mask properties  (white shows the material, black hides);
  • Always keep a V-Ray Material as Sub-Material when you use the V-Ray Blend Material;
  • Use with criteria your V-Ray Dirt masks, by creating your own;
  • Remember the differences between “invert Normal” flagged or unflagged;
  • Decrease the size of Buckets to speed up the rendering process;
  • Enrich your scene with tonal variations in the materials;
  • Experience the merging of two or more materials on a single object;



Let’s choose a texture with a good resolution.

Base Maschera

1) Turn the image to Black and White with tool “Desaturate”.

Desaturata Maschera

2) Increase contrast using “Curves” performing a curve like mine below.

Curva shot

3) Choose “Selective Color” and  push to the maximum Black and Gray, and reduces to the maximum the White.

Correzione Colore Selettiva Maschera

When we’ll set our maps remember the importance, sometimes, to invert the map (Invert) depending on the material we’re going to represent. This is to simulate a greater or lesser presence of a particular material compared to another.


Download  Start_Table_Wood, work on the image and create different materials in one single object.

Check File:

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