C4D – File versions

5SRW method is universal and helps users to apply photographic principles to renders.
In the main course we use 3ds Max for the implemantation, anyway 90% is about principles and it is completely useful for you.

Study carefully every lesson in the main course, below you could download
all the final scenes implemented for your software C4D.

Below you can see the raw renders before the step 5 – Post Production – you can apply by yourself studying the course.




  • Cinema 4D R16 + V-Ray 1.9
    (other versions could produce slighlty differences)


  • Thanks to our valuable member Nuno Silva, for creating C4D files
    Check here his: website | facebook page


Scene related to the lessons #11-14 (70’s Style) – Final result




Scene related to the lessons #15-17 (Rusty Nails) – Final result




Scene related to the lessons #18-21 (Delicate Room) – Final result



These scenes are designed to understand how to implement in C4D the concepts of the first 21 lessons
(More scenes could be added in future)