Welcome to Learnvray.com!

Hi and welcome to Learnvray.com! 🙂

I met so many people in my live trainings and after years I “extracted” the really important things to create amazing photorealistic renders – You don’t need to know “everything”: you need to understand the “right” things  🙂

Let’s start with the platform:


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  • After the course, apply the method to your works and send us your results
  • Send us your works to enter in our gallery
  • Study seriously and take the exam for “5SRW certification for V-Ray” (included in your subscription)
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In the first 10 lessons I resumed  the most important things you need to know to efficiently start with V-RAY. Learn the basics to build a solid “Mental Framework”, then throw in everything!

You just need the right and 100% secure informations.



3 BASIC RULES you’ll never break:

RULE #1 – You’ll never modify things you can’t modify in nature.
For example you can’t modify the “Sun” intensity! So don’t do this in V-Ray.

RULE #2 – Every model will be in scale 1:1
Use the units you want (meters, inches, centimeters) but be in scale 1:1
(In other words you can’t have doors 2km or 2cm higher! )

RULE #3 – Put the lights where the lights are in the real world.
Don’t place lights everywhere just because you need more lighting.
(Usually this is an exposure problem and we’ll solve it working on the exposure.)


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